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Our Mission and Vision

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We empower incarcerated people to write and produce stories about their childhood to raise public awareness and galvanize support for systemic change so that all children can reach their full potential.




To reshape our nation’s social contract with the most vulnerable of our society to focus on investments in upstream development and growth, rather than paying an even higher price on downstream systems such as mass incarceration, which are only treating the symptoms of our policy failures.

Our guiding values


We value the power of transformation. We believe in the ability of incarcerated people to be accountable, reflective, and to achieve personal growth. We also contend that our community members and leaders can learn from their successes and failures. Transformation is possible-whether for an individual, a family, a community, or society as a whole.


We value integrity in our words, deeds, and relationships. We strive to have the courage to be honest and transparent with ourselves and each other. We believe in having respect for all people and acting accordingly.


We value empathy for its ability to bring us together in community. We believe compassion is the key to opening our hearts and minds to different perspectives. This is required in order to see each other's humanity and strive towards acceptance and a shared understanding


We value equity in all of our endeavors and at all levels of society. We uphold that fairness and inclusivity are essential ingredients for cultivating a culture of health, prosperity, and unity in our communities and institutions. We cherish diversity, and stand against racism and all forms of discrimination. 


We value healthy families as the foundation to a vibrant society. We believe in investing in our youth, supporting parents, and strengthening families in all their varied forms to build thriving communities. We are the sum of our collective successes and failures, and ultimately, we are all interconnected.


We value collaboration and teamwork. We welcome allies that share our vision because we need strong partnerships to transform our communities. Wisdom and strength come from sharing our diverse perspectives and coordinating our resources to arrive at the best possible outcomes.


We value effective and innovative solutions. We support evidenced-based approaches and smart policies backed by robust investments that will promote upstream solutions to prevent downstream damage. We believe that community-led solutions, through empowerment of those directly impacted, are the most effective and enduring.

Our Stories:

We value each and everyone's story. We believe in the power of lived-experience and personal narratives to open hearts and minds. Stories have a unique role to play in catalyzing social and policy change. We are confident in the power of our stories to transform the world and help forge a future that will be brighter than our past.

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